Sweets and small toys fans are definitely familiar with the notion of a piñata which represents a papier- mâché container decorated with vivid colours full of different little prizes. These handsome bags are strongly associated with Mexican traditional celebrations, but going deep into historical references reveals that originally the idea of a hanging object to be broken with a stick so that to collect tasty treats afterwards comes from Italy. Overall, these goodies-packed stars can be frequently seen at a children birthday party when the guest of honour receives a solemn privilege to smash a piñata in blind-folded attempts. Obviously, Net Entertainment have embraced this festive tradition and gathered some Mexican-styled attributes in an amazingly striking slot machine with a very interesting title – Spiñata Grande which is an apparent wordplay with ‘spin’ and ‘piñata’ while ‘grande’ refers casino players to the whole atmosphere prevailing in the gameplay. Well, the machine’s setup takes place in a dusty Mexican town where some joyful holiday is being celebrated, so NetEnt sampled really characteristic compounds of the culture in one tie.

Nevertheless, this image of Mexico is somehow exaggerated by a couple of stereotypes added to the gaming layout, but it makes Spiñata Grande even more appealing as NetEnt strived to convey the spirit of overwhelming fun and amusement happening around the town. In reality, the machine has become one of the most popular NetEnt entries and despite running on an old platform version, Spiñata Grande slot is a game surely hitting the first top ten products ever released under all-mighty hands of the renowned developer. Here is an answer why: first and foremost, the  http://slotmine.com/spinata-grande/ presents an immersive multi-lined spot filled with astounding additional features like extraordinary free-spin rounds and oversized Colossal Wildcards bringing unprecedented sums if get on a truly lucky path. Secondly, Spiñata Grande incorporates picturesque graphics lit with brilliantly energetic colouring and progressive animation for the time which drives almost every gameplay detail in motion. So, unquestionably the slot machine is a vivid place to get into some thrilling gambling in the background of authentically hilarious townlife. And sound accompaniment deserves a few positive points, too.

On the layout, Spiñata Grande provides extensive winning chances on a 40-lines grid without being highly volatilised. Here you will encounter ordinary set of reels consisting of five drums and three rows similar to every modern machine found in slot sections, so initially the game seems to welcome gamblers to a user-friendly interface without particular twists and turns. Yet, this impression is what occurs in the first row of perception because further things get a little tricky, speaking of additional bonus action. NetEnt worked out the part where bonuses come into view quite impressively, that’s why you shouldn’t expect standard replacers or classic free rounds activated by special icons as Spiñata Grande is so much bigger than this. Let’s explore rich Mexican culture in an original NetEnt interpretation to grasp a bit more about the gameplay peculiarities.

Interesting features

Spiñata Grande slots game offers a great plenty of diverse features – Colossal package of different symbols with different functions, special free rounds, stacked icons and mini-slot game extended with additional symbols. The bonus line-up surely blows every gambler’s mind because of breathtaking diversity rarely seen inside old-platform machines. The first feature to acknowledge is Stacked Symbols that is a specific card organisation comprised of all regular icons being tied in short to long series of same symbols. In other words, whether the game runs in the base or bonus mode, all paytable entries will appear in stacks on the reels meaning almost no single symbols land on the drums, but they join one another in a chain of continuous array which not only creates advanced setup for making combinations, but also intertwines with Colossal edition of symbols, so that the whole grid could theoretically be covered with identical items.

Speaking of Colossals, Spiñata Grande possesses an interesting gaming mechanics closely connected to large-sized symbols which are presented in massive blocks appearing in various versions. To begin with, all regular symbols can come in two variations – stacked chains and extended blocks – where the latter is a symbol package arriving in chokes of 2x2 or 3x3 blocks able to overlay the reel panel. These Colossals might be displayed in a full or partial manner depending on how the reels position after a round is over, yet they always are displayed fully on the rows. Additionally, there are Colossal Wildcards and Bonus Symbols. Wildcards appear in blocks of 3x3 packages only on the 3 middle-positioned (2, 3 and 4) reels and the privilege to witness them opens for the bonus-round regime exclusively. Wilds are going to function quite conventionally replacing for regular symbols carrying any value according to the paytable. Colossal Bonus icon is also a block of 3x3 cubes landing during each gaming mode and this type of ties activates Mini-Slot feature played on the same set of reels in a highlighted small window.

On a related note about Mini-Slots, Spiñata Grande grants gamblers a chance to re-spin the reels on a new 3x3 grid triggered by Colossal Bonus Symbols. Basically, this feature is an individually powered layout offering additional symbols in the form of coins bringing instant winnings for landing. When you roll in the base game, the Mini-Slot setup consists of specialty pictures like Extra-Spin, new Scatters and Free-Spin symbols not to mention three versions of coins coming as a supplementary rewarding symbols. The feature offers only one take, yet players are able to expand gaming experience during the feature by catching special trigger-symbols in order to receive another shot or even activate free-game mode. By the way, Spiñata Grande slot machine provides special Scatters which can activate rounds played for free and Extra Spin Scatters adding one round to the total pot.

Bonus rounds

If structure all bonus features in similarity categories, there will be three major elements of the gameplay: Colossals, Free Games and the Mini-Slot rounds. Spiñata Grande by NetEnt places a great deal of attention toward massive blocks of symbols which appear throughout the whole course of gambling. Since the base game is so filled with additional moments offering high rewards, the free rounds don’t come as important as they usually do in most slot products. Nevertheless, you still can profit from some extra spins when you catch Scatters on the reels. In order to make things clear about bonusing, let’s divide it into these three main bodies.


Generally, there are three variations on Colossal Symbols – Wildcards, Bonus Icons delivering special functions and regular symbols from the paytable organised in blocks as well. These different types each has its own set of rules and regulations for appearing, so they cannot be seen simultaneously on the reels simply because they come as a big flock that it becomes impossible to house the full trio at the same time. Overall, their range of functions works as follows:

Regular Colossals are blocks of 2x2 or 3x3 symbols appearing during base and bonus game (expect for cards) to overlay the reel panel – they can be displayed partially depending on their prescribed position.
Wildcards can be seen only during the bonus game in a flock of 3x3 stacked symbols lading on the three middle drums – they will be replacing for all regular symbols including Colossals.
Bonus Symbols is another package of 3x3 symbols appearing during base and bonus game to activate a special feature – the Mini-Slot regime.


There will be two symbols carrying free-game features – Scatters and Extra-Spins – which can appear throughout the whole game in any positions. 3 Scatters initially fetch 5 spins while Extra-Spin card brings one more additional roll over the reels. Remarkably that Free Games can be triggered in the Mini-Slot feature, so constantly watch out for the symbols as they tend to appear almost everywhere and every time.


Foremost, the Mini-Slot feature is a home to three additional symbols – Bronze, Silver and Gold coins – which will bring 20, 40 and 80 credits respectively for a single entry. Apart from these extraordinaires, Spiñata Grande powers the special mode with Scatters and Extra-Spins. The Mini-Slot is played in an additional window opened by Colossal Bonus Symbols offering to spin the reels in a 3x3 environment for one time. You can always re-trigger the reels with an Extra-Spin or even summon some free games with Scatters.

Rules and features

Spiñata Grande incorporates 5x4 gaming panel powered with fixed 40 paying lines. But don’t be afraid of betting on such an extended string of win-lines as NetEnt cared about bankroll capacities by offering a swinging range of wager limits to suit every kind of budget. Everything starts with 0.20 credits while the highest you can possibly climb is 400 credits with 10 coins wagered per single win-line. Amazingly enough that NetEnt chose to diversify the betting map with options, so that the machine might appeal to different players of all backgrounds. It’s worth mentioning that the bet is comprised of two major factors setting denomination and bet level. The latter value also serves as an additional multiplier to the paytable elements – there are 10 levels in total and the number is used as a multiplier for winning sums.

As you go deeper in the twisted maze of Spiñata Grande, you are going to encounter diverse features along this way. Mostly, the game places an explicit focus on stacked and massive-block symbols that in turn transforms the gaming grid in a place filled with identical icons. Moreover, you will find some tasty Free Spins and Mini-Slot feature substantially raising your chances on winning mind-blowing real money. As it has been already mentioned, Colossal Symbols (Wilds, regular icons, Bonus symbols) are an essential part of the gameplay, so no matter which mode you are on, some stacks will be always present on the reels in order to considerably increase odds around rewarding. Your task appears quite straightforward: place a comfortable wager, spin the reels and get rewarded in case you’re lucky to catch anything from the paytable definitions. Speaking of the paytable, here’s the full disclosure on default bet level one:






Toy Bull




Toy Donkey




Green Bird




Blue Fish








Kings, Queens, Jacks, Tens





It goes without saying, Spiñata Grande slots are empowered with huge potential in terms of winnings for every gaming mode, so players don’t have to pray for free games to arrive as soon as possible in order to recoup invested funds. It’s evident that Net Entertainment have set a course for introducing incredibly innovative machines providing catchy action, juicy and featured gameplay, friendly interface and plenty of options for benefits. Spiñata Grande is remarkable for its outstanding Mexican-vibes theme, but mostly the game has gained a lot of popularity over the market due to extended variations of symbols and amazing Mini-Slot feature. Besides, in spite of having a massive 40 win-line layout paired up with symbols blocks, Spiñata Grande managed to keep players on a low variance, so that every gambler could feel comfortable within wagering. Overall, the machine is divine, special and quite fun to play, and you definitely should find some vacant time to embrace feature-packed gameplay at the nearest casinos. 

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